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Advetage is a total radiation protection service provider supplying radiological engineering and health physics expertise and staff, radiation detection equipment, and radiation detection and data management software.


As a leading supplier of health physics and radiological engineering services, detection instruments and safety supplies to government agencies and private industries, we combine custom engineering solutions with the most advanced technology to provide customers with complete solutions. Our relationships with industry-leading suppliers and manufacturers enable us to offer the highest quality products at the most competitive prices while helping meet procurement compliance requirements. 

Our goal is to solve customer problems by utilizing our industry experience, technical knowledge, experienced staff, and network of premier partners. We are focused on providing the highest quality health physics services, products, excellent customer service, and procurement solutions that help businesses and government agencies run more efficiently



The RPC-1000 is a multi-use processing controller designed for integration with a wide-array of radiation detectors and detector systems. One of the primary applications of the RPC 1000 is to provide enhanced capabilities and functionality when used with the Thermo AMS 4 CAM particulate or noble gas heads

  • Large 7" LCD Touchscreen display 

  • Integrated wireless telemetry options (900MHz or WiFi) for interface with monitoring software systems

  • Local gamma dose rate

  • Integrated pump control for CAM applications

  • Advanced processor for enhanced memory and histogram capabilities

  • Updated easy to use Configuration/Calibration interface

  • Plug and play swap out with legacy electronics

Radiation Protection Solutions

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Decontamination Solution

Our products are currently in use in Department of Energy sites,  nuclear tool decontamination facilities, commercial nuclear power plants,  nuclear waste facilities, and medical facilities.   In commercial  nuclear power applications,  QDS has a proven track record of significantly reducing time and dose on critical  path tasks such as Cavity  Decon.

The core technology is called the "Mass Effect" influence. When our proprietary solutions are introduced to a contaminated  surface, the radioactive material is lifted from the surface and suspended  in the solution, where it can be easily wiped up or rinsed away as radioactive waste.

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ARM-1000 Dynamic Area Radiation Monitor

The ARM-1000 is the most versatile area radiation monitor on the market. In addition to the internal GM-detector for local area monitoring, it has an option for external detector monitoring. The ARM-1000 has universal compatibility to existing 3rd party detectors and able to drive GMs, scintillators, and proportional counter detector due to its variable external detector voltage settings.


The high-visibility LED display can be configured to show gamma radiation levels, count rate or any other unit of measure. The ARM-1000 can even be integrated with monitoring devices such as pump vibration monitors or continuous air monitors for data collection and display. With an internal battery of 6-8 hours, the ARM-1000 can be deployed in the field and can be monitored remotely via one of three wireless telemetry options: Wifi, 2.4Ghz Radio, or 900 Mhz Radio.


RadSurvey is an easy to use and optimized software application for entering radiation survey data. Survey locations can be created using simple floor plans or map images. Radiation monitoring or sampling points are entered onto the survey map and readings entered either directly from telemetry data or manually typed in by the user. This creates a survey which is saved by the location and the date/time it was performed. Surveys can be recalled and viewed by selecting from a list and the survey can be exported as a PDF file.

Advetage CDM60791DS Link2-Display Pro RD

Link2-Display Pro RD-X

The Link2-Display Pro RD-X is a standalone Radiation Display (RD) controller unit to be connected to an HDMI/VGA equipped computer monitor or TV to display instrument readings from connected and wireless dosimeters and area monitors.

The Link2-Display Pro RD-X creates a local dashboard view for work areas or other locations needing real time data display.

Advetage CDM60791DS Link2-Display Pro RD


The RadSight Access Terminal is a self-contained EPD issue and return terminal that can also be used as a complete system for radiation monitoring.

It’s sleek and modern design coupled with a built in IR reader mean that it can be used as a standalone terminal or as a reader station as part of a networked system. High resolution touch screen and EPD reader slot provides for easy user interaction during EPD issue and return.



RadSightLive is a radiation monitoring system developed for medical professionals. It is one of several programs in our RemoteDNA family of products. RemoteDNA has been designed to provide radiation and environment monitoring systems specific to the Medical, Environmental and Industrial sectors.

RADSIGHTLive records and displays live readings as well as historical data. We want to make sure medical professionals are safe from long-term radiation exposure.


Thermo Scientific™ iPCM12 Installed Personnel Contamination Monitor

Nuclear facility personnel working in radiation controlled areas risk contamination. Without an effective radioactive contamination monitoring system, these incidents cause significant downtime, employee stress, and lost productivity. The Thermo Scientific™ iPCM12 Installed Personnel Contamination Monitor identifies surface contamination on the body, hands, and feet using 21 detectors to provide excellent alpha and low energy beta detection. Detectors are split into four zones to minimize background and achieve high detection limits to get personnel cleared quickly.

The iPCM12 Installed Personnel Contamination Monitor offers unique sculpted geometry and improved sensitivity due to smaller detector size.

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