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Personal Radiation Detectors (PRD) are compact, highly sensitive instruments designed to detect changes in gamma or neutron levels above background levels in a fast response time. They are often worn by law enforcement, first responders or customs inspectors as a primary screening tools to detect the illicit transport of radioactive materials or orphan radioactive sources. They provide the wearer an indication of real time radiation levels and will alarm at elevated levels of radiation.  


PRDs may be used for passive screening at special events through patrols or through active screening to locate a radioactive source. Once the source is located, the indications from the device will allow the wearer to determine a safe distance for themselves or the public.

PRDs come in varying options and capabilities to suit the mission of the wearer. These options includes higher measurement range, simplified functions, wireless integration to a smartphone and  advanced spectroscopic capabilities to provide Radio Isotope Identification. 

The PRD selection guide below can help identify the right PRD for your needs.


RadEye PRD-ER4

The Thermo Scientific™ RadyEye™ PRD4 and PRD-ER4 personal radiation detectors provide highly sensitive radiation detection capability with little to no nuisance alarms, saving users valuable wasted time adjudicating alarms while at the same time improving or increasing scanning throughput. Additionally, the PRD identifies the nature of the discovered material in a manner configurable for your operation or user skills by distinguishing between artificial vs natural sources of radiation



The RadEye SPRD provides first responders and law enforcement teams like border guards or special forces with high performance detection and radionuclide analysis for any scenario. Metal recyclers and producers that need to detect, locate and identify orphan radionuclides in their incoming scrap material can now add an additional level of security, using the RadEye SPRD.



The RadEye SPRD-ER Personal Radiation Detector provides significant detector sensitivity for search and find, combined with accurate high dose rate radiation measurement, the SPRD-ER is a suitable Geiger counter for all users and may be the only radiation detector you need. The SPRD-ER radiation detector identifies the nature of the discovered material in a manner configurable for your operation or user skills.



The RadEye SPRD-GN uses a sophisticated spectroscopic Cs2LiYCl6:Ce detector that is both gamma and neutron sensitive to achieve its pager size. The performance of this can only be matched by much larger instruments that incorporate one detector for gamma radiation and a separate He-3 proportional counter tube for neutron detection.


RadEye B20

The RadEye B20 is a modern compact multi-purpose contamination meter for alpha, beta, gamma and X-ray radiation. By virtue of optional gamma energy filters, deep or shallow dose rate measurements from 17 – 1300 keV can be performed. For emergency response purposes alpha and beta contamination can be discriminated using another optional filter. The instrument is part of the growing RadEye family of high-end stand-alone meters, which are designed to exceed the most demanding user expectations.

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