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Nuclear Camera Systems

Video management systems to meet the needs of the nuclear industry

Analog and digital radiation hardened video system solutions for the nuclear industry.

Learn about how we can help your site design and implement a turn key radiation hardened video monitoring system, regardless of existing infrastructure complete.

Main Benefits
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Provides Early Warning System

The system provides audio and video data from all available cameras in the plant. A vibrating pump, or a steam leakage can immediately be  seen on-screen.

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Decision-Making Support

Get real-time video and audio data allowing for better decision-making, based on the most up to date information

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Minimizing personnel exposure is always critical to nuclear  operations. Viewing critical equipment remotely allows inspections to be performed without the need of sending personnel into irradiated areas.

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Protects  Investment

Having an early warning system and the decision-making support of ISEC systems helps protect the investment of the plant

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Increases Efficiency

Unplanned outage are always unwanted, but hard to avoid altogether. With ISEC camera  systems, better analyses can be done during production, and unnecessary stops can sometimes be avoided.


The RADCAM Soak is the ideal choice for underwater high radiation inspections. A radiation resistant underwater PTZ color camera designed for nuclear power plant applications. 


The RADCAM Sigyn is a color sensor digital IP PoE camera which is designed for fast deployment operations and also multipurpose usage within the reactor containment building and other radioactive areas. With a distributed design, it gives flexibility off positioning and installation. 


The RADCAM Loki is ISEC's newest radiation tolerant camera designed to allow the operator to view areas which are normally out of reach.


The RADCAM Delta is a newly developed analogue camera for radioactive areas. With its fast and simple deployment it is the ideal solution for outage and maintenance work. With the combination of excellent image quality and new technologies for shielding, the RADCAM    Delta represents the next generation of radiation tolerant cameras from ISEC. 


The RADCAM Epsilon is a proven standard when it comes to advanced audiovisual process surveillance within NPPs. With its patented neutron absorbing outer body, its high tolerance to gamma radiation, and an effective on board cooling system, the RADCAM Epsilon from ISEC is a camera that is designed to survive within the harshest of nuclear power plant environments. 

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