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Nurse with EPD Small


We offer a variety of dosimetry solutions to suit your application. We can help find the right products to effectively protect and monitor personnel in all industries, from health care to nuclear energy or first responders and military service members. 

Our custom telemetry solutions help manage your dosimetry programs via access control systems, wireless integration and remote monitoring software.

EPD-TruDose, Medical Pulse

Real time radiation monitoring, the Thermo Scientific™ EPD TruDose Electronic Personal Dosimeter monitors Gamma and Beta radiation to monitor worker's exposure to radiation. Improved accuracy and simplified operation over previous generations of EPDs.
EPD TruDose personal radiation monitors are available with or without telemetry and integrate with many different systems, including ViewPoint and webREMS.



Thermo Scientific™ Harshaw™ TLD Materials are available in a wide range of formats to meet any dosimetry need, from research, clinical and industrial applications to personnel and environmental monitoring. Harshaw Lithium Fluoride based materials can be used for gamma, beta and neutron monitoring, with an available high sensitivity, no-fade, Mg, Cu, P option for low dose or long-wear applications. Additional materials are available for extended dose range coverage.

Harshaw TLD Dosimeters are available in un-mounted forms (rods, chips, powders, micro-cubes and pelletized disks), as well as fixed into multi-element aluminum cards, extremity dosimeters or mounted singly on a Kapton substrate, to meet your exact application need.


The RadSight Access Terminal is a self-contained EPD issue and return terminal that can also be used as a complete system for radiation monitoring.

It’s sleek and modern design coupled with a built in IR reader mean that it can be used as a standalone terminal or as a reader station as part of a networked system. High resolution touch screen and EPD reader slot provides for easy user interaction during EPD issue and return.


RadSightLive is a radiation monitoring system developed for medical professionals. It is one of several programs in our RemoteDNA family of products. RemoteDNA has been designed to provide radiation and environment monitoring systems specific to the Medical, Environmental and Industrial sectors.

RADSIGHTLive records and displays live readings as well as historical data. We want to make sure medical professionals are safe from long-term radiation exposure.

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