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Quick Decon Solution (QDS)

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QDS Radioactive Contamination Removal
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The Quick Decon Solution (QDS) is the world’s most effective and safest solutions for radiation decontamination of radioactive surfaces including human skin.


These solutions were developed by a combination of nuclear pharmacists, nuclear chemists, radiation experts, and NASA consultants with many years of experience in the nuclear and medical device industry.  They have succeeded in the goal of developing a formula that would safely and significantly remove radioactive material from human skin and on other surfaces in the event of a nuclear event.

Radioactive contamination poses several cleanup problems including the following:  the safety of cleanup personnel, control of waste volume, and end-state contamination level. In an effort to address these problems, we have investigated the use of ion-exchange resin preparation technology to treat contaminated surfaces.

These products reduce cleanup time, control waste volume and leave the surface in a state where minimal

radioactive contamination is present.

The Quick Decon Solution (QDS) family of products can significantly reduce time and personal dose associated with ALL decontamination efforts and tasks


Each solution is ion-specific and specially prepared to address a specific chemical group

  • The Transition Metals (TM) solution will pick up Cesium, Cobalt, Strontium, Chromium, Manganese, Iron, Zinc & Nickel.

  • The Actinide (A) solution will pick up Plutonium, Uranium, Titanium, Technetium, Americium, Radium, etc.

  • The Halogen (H) solution will pick up Iodine, Fluorine, Chlorine, etc


  • Effective on 63 different elements

  • ~80%-90% reduction on 1st pass

  • Non-Toxic, Environmentally friendly

  • FDA approved for use on intact human skin

  • Water-based and "Resin Bed friendly"

  • Cost-effective

  • Available in Field Ready kits or Pre-moistened wipes for emergency response

  • 10 year Shelf Life​

The core technology is called the "Mass Effect" influence. When our proprietary solutions are introduced to a contaminated surface, the radioactive material is lifted from the surface and suspended in the solution, where it can be easily wiped up or rinsed away as radioactive waste. Spray on, let solution penetrate for 1-5 mins, and then wipe down or rinse off. Our products are currently in use in commercial waste facilities and in hospitals, with a proven track record of significantly reducing time and dose on critical path applications such as Cavity Decon

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