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Win More Bids with Advetage Solutions

Nationwide Contracting Opportunities

Get awarded federal and state contracts without competition. 

Government initiatives empower contracting specialists to award contracts to SDVOSB Veteran-owned businesses without putting it out to bid. 

us map blue dots



--values from 2019

federal spend

- values from 2019

new york bid preferences



california bid preferences

Department of Energy Sites

doe small spend_edited
LA County

 Expand Your Contracting Opportunities in Los Angeles  

The City of Los Angeles' 2019-2020 budget was $10.71 Billion.

As a DVBE, Advetage gets special bid preferences and competes in a limited bidding market. Partner with us to win contracts with LA County, LA City, and LA Metro and close on this enormous market share.

LA city and LA county bid preferences

Having an SDVOSB designation is an even greater advantage than 8(a) alone

No other groups are given a higher priority.   

SDVOSB vs 8a graph

Less bidders means more wins

SDVOSB's compete against other SDVOSB's- significantly reducing the number of groups bidding on a contract. Less competition means more bid wins.

Not only would your company gain access to markets otherwise inaccessible, but the likelihood of winning the contract is THAT MUCH GREATER due to the small number of eligible bidders. 

SDVOSB federal contract spend
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