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Remote DNA™ is a real-time, sensor data management system designed to provide easy to use monitoring and trending dashboards/mapping screens for Radiological Emergency Planning and Environmental Monitoring applications. Remote DNA provides viewing capability via standard computer monitoring locations as well as smart, mobile devices.  

The system can be modified to interface with most 3rd party Radiological Dose Assessment and Plume Tracking Systems The platform provides secure, central managed reach-back and remote monitoring functionality which can be supported either on or off-site. Optimal data security, combined with minimal site overhead, maintenance and startup requirements create significant value for the Radiological EP/Environmental professional.

  • Web-based or Site hosted Software Suite; Smart Device Compatible

  • Secure Data Management

  • Monitor Remote Sites across large geographic areas from a remote location

  • Database Design allows for integration to other systems (Access Control, E-Survey, etc.)

  • Customizable Dashboard or Mapping Screens for Data Display

  • E-Mail & SMS Text Notifications

  • Wide-array of sensors capable of being monitored

  • Customizable Screens

  • Configurable ALARMS Scalable –from a handful to hundreds or thousands of sensors

Main Features

Remote DNA
Remote DNA
Remote DNA

Remote DNA

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