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Versatile Radiation Processing Controller (RPC)



Large 7” Display

Multi-level LCD display provides local indication of the radiation measurements as well as warning messages

Reduced Downtime

Easy-to-use management software simplifies calibration and configuration, reducing time needed to perform calibrations, troubleshoot or configure

Plug and Play

Seamless compatibility with legacy hardware. An RS-485 Serial connection allows for seamless integration to existing ASM4 CAM detector heads

Minimal Procedural Changes

Innovative design allows for a seamless transition with minimal operation, calibration, and troubleshooting procedural changes

Trend Analysis

View measurement trends on histogram charts. Enhanced data storage allows for more measurement data over longer periods of time

Optional Dose-Rate Readings

External Detector Connectivity Port allows for connection to optional radiation detectors (i.e. GM detector, scintillation detector, proportional detector)

Optional Integrated Wireless Connectivity

RPC-1000 offers on-board WIFI and 900 MHz remote monitoring capability; wireless connectivity interfaces with 3rd part monitoring software systems such as Remote SNA, Thermo ViewPoint, Barlett RMS, etc. via wireless encryption. 

Internal Relays

Control external devices or notifications to hardware monitoring systems

Enhanced Audible and Visual Alarm Capability

Adjustable dual alarm setpoints for DAC, DAC hr, or dose rate. Adjustable 102 dB(A) siren and high-intensity LED strobe can be acknowledged locally or remotely. 


Upgrades Legacy Detection Systems


State of the art electronics and software provides plug-and-play upgrades to systems such as Thermo AMS 4; enhanced functionality includes: 

  • Upgraded processing electronics

  • Large 7" LCD display for easy local viewing

  • Integrated wireless remote monitoring (900 MHz, WiFi)

  • Enhanced audible and visual alarm capability

  • Enhanced memory and histogram capability

  • Easy to use config/calibration interface

  • Easy, on-site swap out with legacy electronics

RPC 1000 Details

RPC-1000 Details

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