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Let Advetage provide you with personalized and strategic temporary staffing support for a successful project. At Advetage Solutions, we know talent when we see it! We have an excellent network of experts that can help you part time, full time, or on a project specific basis. We specialize in safety and health as well as radiation protection, but if you have different needs, we can help identify and source that staff as well.  

Safety Wear
Image by Dylan Gillis
  • Radiation Safety Officers 

  • Dosimetrists 

  • Radiological Control Technicians 

  • Radiological Engineers  

  • Auditors/Assessors 

  • Certified Health Physicists 

  • Certified Safety Professionals

(509) 408-5797




2920 George Washington Way
Suite 102
Richland, WA 99354

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