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Link2 Display
Link2 Display 2

The Link2-Display Pro RD-X is a standalone Radiation Display (RD) controller unit able to be connected to an HDMI/VGA equipped computer monitor or TV to display instrument readings from connected and wireless dosimeters and area monitors. The Link2-Display Pro RD-X creates a local dashboard view for work areas or other locations needing real time data display.


Enterprise Support:

The Link2-Display Pro is powered by a 10W quad-core x64 processor running Windows 10 IoT Enterprise 2019 LTSC.  It can be managed by IT as an MDM resource like other Windows devices. The RadDisplay software runs in a locked down kiosk mode.


Included Items:

The Link2-Display Pro includes a VESA mounting adaptor for attaching the unit to a monitor. 120VAC power supply and 2 SMA antenna’s for wireless. Monitor not included.

Features & Benefits

Connected Display

The Link2-Display Pro RD-X can be setup as a standalone display for viewing instrument data from a wired instrument or received wirelessly from nearby Bluetooth LE equipped instruments.


Edit this paragrapThe Link2-Display Pro has configurable displays able to display dose rate information in a clear easy to view format. Alarm warnings, configurable thresholds, and color coded messages provides quick and effective details about instrument readings.h to highlight a specific service or feature you offer.

Radio System Compatibility

The Link2-Display Pro RD-X can be connected to an external base radio, including Thermo CNET and Mirion WRM systems. Data from area monitors can be received and displayed.

Instrument Support

The Link2-Display Pro can receive and display data from the following instruments:

•   Thermo EPD, RadEye,

•   Thermo TruDose

•   Mirion DMC


•   ARM-1000

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