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Benefits of ordering Nitrile Gloves direct from the manufacturer.


Personal protective equipment (PPE) is essential for workplace safety in many industries. Although retailers sell many types of PPE, including nitrile gloves, you can also source your gloves direct from the manufacturer.

Learn about the advantages of buying your Nitrile gloves from the manufacturer and how a specialized supplier is a better long-term source.

Order Size and Cost-Effectiveness

The primary advantage of ordering your nitrile gloves (or any other type of PPE) from the manufacturer is the possibility of ordering large quantities. The average box of nitrile gloves typically contains 100 units. While purchasing a few boxes from a retailer every month may be sufficient for home or personal use, most retailers don’t allow bulk purchases, and the cost per unit is higher.

If you run a business where your employees must use nitrile gloves for their daily tasks, your personnel is likely to go through several boxes every week. Therefore, restocking requires making bulk purchases.

Ordering from the manufacturer offers two advantages when operating as a business. You can place larger orders and benefit from a lower price per unit, making wholesale a more cost-effective way of sourcing your disposable gloves.

Certifications and Reliability

When choosing a professional PPE seller, you want to partner with a supplier with specific credentials. Whether you’re in food services or medical care, look for qualifications like “FDA-approved,” “CDC-approved,” or “ASTM-tested.”

The purpose of these certifications is to prove the wholesaler supplies quality products in compliance with all relevant laws, standards, and regulations.

Additionally, if the company is registered with the FDA or, they are approved to do business with the federal government. In turn, government entities are likely to buy from (and therefore, trust) that company, adding a layer of legitimacy.

The Customer Service Advantage

Partnering with a manufacturer also means you can benefit from quality customer service. They can give you accurate product information and stock availability. Reputable suppliers should answer all your questions about their products and help you make the best choices for your needs.

Choose a Reputable Nitrile Glove Manufacturer

The best place to find medical-grade gloves is from us! Guardian NC4 nitrile examination gloves offer exam-grade protection and are tested by the American Society for Testing and Materials. They are ASTM D6319 certified and also 510-K certified by the FDA.

Advetage Solutions LLC is proud to be a trusted supplier to hospitals, state and local health agencies, and the federal government. Give us a try and experience the quality of our exam gloves for yourself. We may be reached at (424) 292-8432, or by email at

To purchase gloves right away, and online, please use this link: Guardian™ NC4 Gloves


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