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Program Assessments/ Audits and Gap Analysis

Communication is the key to any successful project; our experts recommend both a kickoff and closing meeting to ensure your satisfaction with the project outcome.  The meetings with client stakeholders and staff help confirm expectations and full involvement in the project outcome. We provide comprehensive audit reports. We cite regulations, orders, and license requirements directly in the reports to help your team understand the gaps that need to be covered. When auditing programs, we take pride in offering solutions to gaps we identify. We enjoy providing clients with solutions that will help complete your program and are easy to implement and cost effective.  

Accountant at Work


  • Radiation Protection Program and License Assessments 

  • 10 CFR 835 Assessments 

  • DOE Order 458.1 Compliance 

  • Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) Compliance Audits 

  • NQA-1 Audits 

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