Demron C  Suit

Heat Stress Data

Demron C (Anti-Viral)

Protective Suit


 Most suits that are worn to protect against EBOLA, ZIKA, and Coronavirus exposure hazards trap heat and vapor in the suit creating significant and potentially life threatening heat stress. Demron C a is thermo conductive,  passive cooling suit. The reduced heat stress translates to extended operational times and maximum comfort for the wearer.

The application of wet towel or ice pack can makes it possible to cool the wearer by external means. 



The Demron ICE material is rugged, durable, and engineered to withstand constant use. Prospective decontamination procedures and agents will not degrade the material during the doffing process. Resistant to tearing, Demron C fabric exceeds all CDC tensile strength recommendations.

Exceeds ASTM 1670/F1671 Standards for blood and viral penetration resistance as per CDC guidelines.

ISO 8194

Certified: Radiation protection clothing NFPA 1994/2007




Deployed by Hazmat teams and first responders around the  globe in real-world scenarios

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