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Just Spray on and Wipe Off! 

Our products are currently in use to remove radioactive material in many nuclear power plants, in nuclear waste facilities and in hospitals with nuclear medicine departments throughout the United States and abroad. 
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This spray bottle dispenses two liquids at the same time at a predetermined, fixed dilution ratio, making it ideal for dispensing concentrated liquids and two-part reactive chemicals. 

About Nuke Away

Our core technology is called the "Mass Effect" influence. By flooding any radioactive surface with our proprietary solutions, the radioactive material if lifted off the surface and suspended in solution where it can be easily wiped up and removed as radioactive waste. Each of out solutions are specially prepared to address a specific chemical group, they are ion-specific

Our Halogen Mass Effect solution will pick up all Halogens such as Iodine, Fluorine, Chlorine, etc. 

Our Transition Metal Mass Effect solution will pick up all Transition Metals such as Cesium, Cobalt, Strontium, Thallium, etc. 

Our Actinide Mass Effect solution will pick up all Actinide Metals such as Plutonium, Uranium, Technetium, Americium, Radium, etc. 

We have developed these solutions to make them user friendly and provide the most effective decontamination possible. The solutions are water based and environmentally friendly. 

Advantages of Nuke Away

  • Safe surface radiation isotope remover

  • Safe & quick ionic-focused solution for radiation removal

  • First line for safe radiation defense

  • can be used on intact human skin

  • Environmentally friendly

  • Cost effective

  • Effective on 63 different radio-isotopes

  • Far superior to Radiacwash or any similar products

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